The Wounded Healer: Addiction-Sensitive Therapy for the Sexually Exploitative Professional

The Wounded Healer: Addiction-Sensitive Therapy for the Sexually Exploitative Professional

Authors: Richard Irons and Jennifer Schneider
Professionals are as human as those they serve. Sexual relationships and other improprieties occur between doctors, ministers, or therapists and their patients, parishioners, or clients. Virtually all such ‘romances’ are destructive, not only for the protagonists but for their families. This book helps clinicians understand and treat the professional who has had sexual contact with a patient or client. Over half of these wounded healers have sexual disorders with addictive features, and fully one-third are addicted to alcohol and/or other drugs. This has clear implications for treatment and re-entry into professional work. Assessment and treatment of the victim are also addressed, with the assurance that healing does eventually come to most of those touched by this painful and unfortunate situation.
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