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As the first of its kind, SASH offers certification opportunities in Problematic Sexual Behavior, Sexual and Relational Trauma, Sexual Wellness, and Sexual Offending. Clinicians can apply for one or more of the specialized certifications to emphasize their experience and knowledge as a leading professional in the industry. All qualified clinicians possess a stock of general human sexuality knowledge.
When all education/training, consultation/supervision and clinical experience requirements have been met an application can be submitted. The application and supporting materials will be evaluated by the application committee and a recommendation will be made for approval.
To truly accentuate your knowledge, holding three or more certifications opens eligibility to automatically be awarded the Distinguished Sex Therapist (DST) designation, communicating to the world your advanced expertise.


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Distinguished Sex Therapist (DST)
Automatically Awarded to Individuals with 3 or 4 SASH Clinical Certifications
Therapists seeking to obtain the Distinguished Sex Therapist (DST) designation represent the highest level of experience and knowledge in the industry. The Distinguished Sex Therapist credential communicates mastery in the field of sexual health.
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Certified Problematic Sexual Behavior Therapist (CPSBT)
Clinical professionals seeking certification as a CPSBT have an interest in treating individuals struggling with problematic sexual behavior (PSB). These clinicians understand the nuances of PSB and know that only through very specific therapeutic approaches can someone heal.
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Certified Sexual Wellness Therapist (CSWT)
Clinicians with an interest in helping individuals understand sexual wellness and the interplay of desire, pleasure, arousal, intimacy and other issues related to sexual well-being may seek the CSWT level of certification.
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Certified Sexual Offender Clinician (CSOC)
Therapists seeking SASH certification as a CSOC understand the unique qualities of this specialty and sexual offender treatments. The combined knowledge of clinical models/treatment and the legal system allow clinicians to be effective treatment providers.
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Certified Sexual and Relational Trauma Therapist (CSRTT)
Therapists seeking certification as a sexual and relational trauma therapist have a focus on improving the lives of survivors of sexually related trauma. These professionals are invested in helping those injured by the sexual behaviors of others to heal so sexual health and relationships can be celebrated and optimized.
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Credential Candidate

Individuals that have met the educational requirements for a SASH credential for licensed professionals but have not yet met the licensure requirements of their state may apply for a Credential Candidate designation.

Credential Candidates must maintain supervision until state licensure has been attained. Upon confirmation of the state license candidates will be awarded full SASH Credential status.

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